Luck and Chess

Not even including mouse slips, there is plenty of luck in chess, but not as much as many other games.

sometimes i didnt consider a tactical opportunity for my opponent but luckily i can defend it.

in a recent interview magnus carlsen said he blundered a pawn in his last tournament, the game somehow worked out and he won it, the press was calling it a genius long term pawn sacrifice.

We see some trees, branches and leaves in front of us but we don‘t see the whole jungle.

"Chess is and will always be a game of chance." Jan Hein Donner

Exactly, Magnus Carlsen in interview with Jan Gustafson explained his game, and he said he would feel bad or something if he wouldn't reveal the truth, that he got just lucky with that "blunder"... but yeah the press did their job :D
And by the way you can't achieve "complete information" unless you are able to calculate till the end or you know the end, because you learned the pattern, position, theory etc., so nope, there will always be a bit of luck involved.
Magnus starts at around 9:00 talk about his game against GM Rapport.

Complete information and luck are not mutually exclusive. There might be a case where complete information is assessed as a consequence of luck. You can understand a certain position to its fullest extent only if it's easy enough for your cognitive capabilities, and a position becomes sufficiently accessible through two factors:
1 - Hard work. You're an amazing chess genius who can assess all possible variations (which technically, is genetical luck).
2 - You've encountered that position/or similar before, thus, lucky for you opponent to play such position.

To correct #6.
Complete information is knowing of all the positions. Chess is a complete information game as the position of all the pieces is known. Understanding has no effect on if the game is complete information or not.

Bridge is a game of incomplete information, however using clues provided you can determine which cards are where. Luck is what cards you are dealt.

Of course there is luck in chess, but not in "rolling a dice" kind of luck. I would say it's more like "opponent's short in the brain / time trouble blunder" kind of luck. you can be totally lost and win because you got lucky your opponent messed up a totally won position.

take a look at this game:

I was with 24 seconds on the clock, troubled by those 2 knights and very focused on achieving b3, that I forgot about the king on that b1-h7 diagonal (which I noted to myself earlier it's something to be alert of), so I made this horrible move Qc4 and bam - from +11 to game over.

Also, as someone mentioned earlier, it happens that you blunder a pawn or even a piece, and it somehow turns to be a great deep positional sacrifice without you even intended it to be. This can be called "luck".

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