Lowest Ultrabullet ACP Ever???

I've noticed that Stockfish rarely says any moves in the opening has any centipawn loss and you played the correct move each time.

But no I've never seen a 2 centipawn before.

I have seen 0 before, for only 13 moves it is not surprising. Now try and repeat it ;-)

@simplicial Hi. For the speed of the game, I agree that it made a good game. Congratulations. Hugs.

I think there is something wierd with bullet acp calculation anyways. I have bullet as 2nd lowest acp 62.1 right after classical 60.x, beating even rapid 62.5. Or it might just be opponent's bad moves. Someone might think though that 171 bullet games would give somewhat proper average there. But who knows.

My thought. 5.Qd5 is better. 6.Qxf6+ is a joke. 8.Ne5 lol. 9....Rg8 a loss of time. 12.fxe5 blunder.
Conclusion:stop playing bullet or hyperbullet: you win or lose but you do not learn much.In a classical game i think you will never play moves like 9. ...Rg8. Your opponent wronged quite every move,probably he/she wanted win only for time and for this reason you deserved to win!

Nicely played you did a good job. However, I think that 9... Rg8 should be considered an inaccuracy or Rf8 should. These can't be the most accurate moves for a mate assuming both sides play perfectly. The reason why it is not pegging you as any inaccuracies are you are already up a full queen by move 6. Engines have a very hard time calling any move a mistake when you are up a lot of material. Only really really bad moves are counted as an error if you already have a winning advantage. Also, the game ended rather quickly in a miniature and really short games often see no errors.

Your thinking was on point and your enemy potatoed. Usually what happens in ultrabullet.

Yeah honestly moves 9 - 11 were just me trying to castle while not wasting clock, I don't understand why those aren't at least inaccuracies. But I mean I'll take it either way.

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