Lower rated players should not be allowed to win against us higher rated players

and @JoyfulCrown it's not like you're that high rated, some people would consider you to be a noob too.

at the end of the game throw the ratings out of the window it comes down to who played better.

what would you be like if someone called you a noob (which i have permission to because your 400 points lower than me :) ), but you beat me and then i said the same thing, that you were a noob and you shouldn't get the rate/win, then you would be complaining. so dont call people noobs and getting mad about the game.

@JoyfulCrown This is the beauty of chess: it doesn't care about who has a better knowledge of it. The person who wins is the one who gains a greater positional advantage, uses tactics to consolidate a material advantage, and uses both to convert that into a winning game. Since we are humans, we don't always see and make the best moves available, and we let losing streaks affect our playing ability for a small timeframe. However, for the same reason, we can learn from our mistakes and over time, learn to avoid them in future games, which is how we get better at the positional and material aspects of the game. As USA_HORDE said, there is something to learn from, something to improve for every game played, no matter who plays against who. If you are focused on having fun and playing chess, points should not matter to you. If anything, they should motivate you to improve more, even if you have had an embarrassing loss.

@JoyfulCrown I think I can see what you are trying to say, but you're not saying it right. Anyway, you can set up your own games and choose your opponent's rating range. Go to play> create a game in the homepage

And you need to focus on learning from your own mistakes, both in chess and life (so you can get better and better). The precursor to learning would be to willingly acknowledge your mistakes.

@JoyfulCrown Like you said, blunders happen to everyone, so everyone should have a fair chance to win a game when their opponent blunders, whether their opponent is a much higher rated player, a much lower rated player, or anything in between.
And if a lower rated player chooses to accept your seek, then you know the must want to have a chance to win. So not allowing them a chance to win kind of defeats the purpose of the entire game.

And anyways, rating is just a way to measure skill level and a guidelines to rank players according to their skill. So will a noob really learn anything from winning against a blunder? Probably not. He'll get his 10 rating points, you'll lose 10 rating points, but eventually you'll get those back, no big deal. And he will probably lose his 10 rating points and go back to whatever he was before your game.

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