Lose Your Queen: QUIT!!!!

I see lower level players (up to 1700) quitting immediately once they lose their Queen and it amazes me. I never quit with a lost Queen and you'd be surprised just how many then go on to blunder their own Queen and lose the game (in my experience about 35%). I think they relax too much... Think the game is a dead certainty and become careless thinking they can no longer lose. Some players are even worse and quit if they lose a rook! It's insane. At levels up to 1700 *(maybe slightly higher) players can blunder at just about any stage of the game and DO blunder.

Next time your Queen falls have some fortitude and carry on... You'll be surprised at what happens.

(PS: In higher level games I understand that if a player blunders his/her queen then the game really is lost 99% of the time. So my my thoughts do extend to such games).

Thoughts? Do You quit when your Queen falls? Why? Do you carry on regardless? Why? Give us your experiences of winning games in which you have blundered your Queen (and I'm talking blunders... Not sacrifices.)

In bullet I never resign when I drop a piece, even against higher rated players. But in longer time controls, against higher rated players, I do feel it's a lost cause. I do agree, though, that if a lower level player blunders against another lower level player they should carry on just for the experince of playing with a peice down.

As a lower-rated player, I agree - play on. The initial frustration of blundering the queen is a jolt, but then I think that at the level I'm playing at, my opponent may also do the same. This is also one of the most satisfying ways to win.

I don't mean to be vain... but if any of you drop your queen against me, of course you should resign! I remember when I was 1000 USCF or so, I would often come back and win games after such horrible blunders(I remember 2 specific tournament games where I dropped an entire queen and won). But at 1700 level as mentioned in the first comment, your only hope should be time pressure/overconfidence on your opponents' side.

Of course, what if you don't care if you will lose, and you just want to play on? The truth is, we only have so much time in our lives to play chess... if the game is over, resign and play another.

Depends completely on the situation that it happens in.

i have absolutely no problem sacrificing my queen; as long as I get SOMETHING in return. Even a pawn lol.
But, if I simply dont see something and get it freely taken then thats a different story.

Gotta remember; a lot of us dont give two craps about rating and play for the entertainment. Not much entertainment to be found drudging through a game after youve already done something completely moronic.

i mean ok if u are playing with players rated 1000 ok u might win.but when playing against pplayers same rating as u or maybe liitle lower u have no chance surviving

if ur anonymous if enemy has +0.5 centipawn they quit

some guys quit for 1 pawn

some guys quit for no reason or in a 2+8 game they wait with the 3rd move 2 minutes and then they return

some guys abort the games just like its nothing because they know nothing will ever happen they dont care with the warning message

wrost case they leave the clock and you cant even start another game this way......because this is the internet

Reminiscent of Botvinnik- Bronstein 1951 game 9. Bronstein was a whole rook down by move 18. He drew the game! I suppose it depends on your mood, whether there are opportunities to complicate and whether you think your opponent might get flustered.

I don't resign when I'm down on material because I feel like it's a good exercise to play with that disadvantage,plus sometimes you might be down on material and the position is equal or close

@The-Chess-Death-Cult I see nothing wrong with that if you're not really trying to maximize your results. On 1700 level it is not very likely the queen will be blundered back (although it can happen of course), and it's no fun to play down a queen. But if this is an important tournament game or you play for rating, you definitely shouldn't resign at this level.

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