Looking to a good player for follow

Maxim Vachier-Lagrave is the present authority on the Grünfeld.
The Italian giuoco pianissimo with d3 is regularly played by Carlsen.

I using ChessBase for find games but I don't looking for gm games, who is playing here against strong amateur opponents :)

thank you for everyone, i tried to use opening explorer too but its very limity cant find everyone and just 3-4 game about that position. so sad.

@BoneHarvesteR You need to be able to import the games you are interested in into a decent chess software. The Lichess interface is not useful for the reasons you mentioned. You need a filterable game list. Scid has that and it is better (faster!) than that of chessbase. You press a button and the game list gets filtered by the actual position on the board. You can prefilter the list as often as you want and you can sort by multiple criteria, eg by date, player strength, alphabet.

So you do for some reasons not want to know how the strongest players play in a position, ok.

The downloads provided at are ... ugh. (Really, Wo needs 10 GB PGNs containing bullet games of 1400 players and move times?). Well, in case you want to try to get this into your database, you first need to split them, then probably filter them, clean them up, merge them into the database (you probably dont have to remove duplicates, what a luck). check out (Section 'Database & Conversion').

As alternative, This has a useful interface, but the PGNs are small as this 'free' chess server has not much traffic.

There you can download eg 'Standard (average rating > 2000)' for the year 2019 (this is what lichess needs), which is a 7.7 MB download. It has eg. 117 games with italian d3. So if you download and merge all these PGNs you may get around 1500 games in that line, i guess.

But of course the golden path in your case is to anyhow get the lichess games into your chess software. Then you can find out who plays your lines.

@N78_Training I tried to download classic and blitz database from ficsgames, ill check it and let you know thanks for your interest and help!

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