Looking to a good player for follow

Hello everyone!

I am looking for some strong players who are playing Grunfeld or Hyperacc. dragon or 5. d3 Italian slow game or Italian Greco Gambit Anderssen variation after exd4 e5 or Closed Sicilian. as you can understand these are my openings and I would like to follow some strong players and watch them and find new ideas about my openings and see some other playing styles.

Can anyone advise me if know some strong players.


most top players don't play the same openings every game

just go to chessgames and look up some grunfeld games... theres tons of them from grandmaster games to sift through...

I know they don't paly same opening in every game but it's important for me :) please try to help

You can do this by using the opening explorer option, just play out the first moves of the opening, then click opening explorer and filter your opening as >2200 and you will see games played by the opening you want, click on the player and see if they frequent play your opening in their games history, i have checked for hyper acc and this players play a couple of games, i could find more but i have no time

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ThisSpaceForRent Thank you that is completely what I searh :) Have a good day everyone.

I have thought about doing this. I use to play the accelerated dragon. When I played it the player I considered the best person to follow for that system or most matched myself was IM Greg Shahade. He matched my openings almost perfectly at the time. Unfortunately not anymore as I have moved on from them. I don't know how active he is anymore. My time following him he was the star with

The only other person I know that plays the accelerated dragon is GM Eugene Perelshteyn. I don't know if he plays here. On the others, I have never really known someone who is dedicated strictly to the closed sicilian. Usually common law has been for people to transpose into it related to black avoiding the Bb5 grand prix. I believe GM Perelshteyn might also do this.

Have you thought about using chessbase to research? Maybe even the lichess database? I have found them to be comparable.

I personally would love to just find someone who plays my openings as well. It's possible the author of the book I have been working on might play it, but I think he's a theoretician. So he might only play the openings he is currently working on for a book. What you might do is goto the lichess database and uncheck the masters where only the lichess database is active and then do a search for your positions. (I might also recommend unchecking bullet unless you think you can learn from them.) And then follow anyone over 2600-2700? I don't think it will be that hard to find someone with that way of searching.

Let me know if this helps.