Looking for Junior Teams to play Team Battle

Great news everyone! GM Evgeny Shtembuliak, current World Under 20 Champion, will play against one representative for each team, then 40 players in total.

The simul will be played on, and is organized in collaboration with, which for the occasion will be giving away 5 diamond memberships! The event will also be broadcast live and commented by the World Champion on his Twitch channel: Please follow him!

The event will take place on Thursday 14 May at 5 pm CET

To participate, each Team Leader must send me, at least by Monday, the name of the rapresentative and his username on

Please Note! Team Leaders are also asked to read the following post.

We have written the rules, everyone can see them here:
Please follow them.
Since there have been some troubles on Wednesday, any team that breaks the rules, letting, for instance, brand new accounts play or lining up players already reported by lichess as cheaters, will be downgraded to the last group, after a week of forced stop, and won't be able to join the simul. We're doing a great job all together so please, let's help each other!

Thank you very much for everything you've done until now.

Hello everyone, Saturday was a big success with 690 players! New links and lineups are ready, I'm just waiting for everyone to confirm their participation before adding all the teams. Thank you all for your help!

Please check:

Hi Permafrost, I confirm Bischwiller Junior Team will play next saturday the Worldwide Junior Tournament !
Thank you.
PS :for now 2 kids of my team would love to play the simul against World Junior Champion. So can I give you an answer tomorrow afetr we'll choose one ?

Hi again,
I will share the tweet tomorrow morning and will post this message as well :
"Superbe initiative du Champion du Monde Junior en titre, Evgeny Shtembuliak, qui jouera aujourd'hui à 17h une simultanée contre 40 jeunes du tournoi "Worldwide Junior" organisé par Permafrost. 👏 !
Bonne chance à Rouben Strasser qui représentera le club d'Echecs de Bischwiller !"