Looking for buddies to improve practical endgame play

Hi folks,

After watching the following video by IM David Pruess on how to “How to Improve your Practical Endgame Play” (, I'm looking forward to do some sessions following his advice:

- Set up a typical endgame position.
- Play a 15 minutes match as White, then as Black.
- After this first round, talk about what just happened (most important bit).
- Then speed up and try to execute the conclusions in a faster time control.

Anyone up to it? All we need is Google Hangouts, a Lichess account, and approximately 90 spare minutes :)

Hello, yes I would like to have a budy to learn chess

I like the idea of learning with peers, but wondering if endgame study with like-strength folks is optimal for improvement. Let me explain.

I find engines are pretty good for practicing endgames that are theoretical wins or draws because they play optimally and you should be able to win or draw theoretically determined endgames with proper play.

Endgames are concrete, with optimal play.

I'm still learning myself, of course, but I find endgames are something I can practice with an engine. No point in practicing endgames with a human that won't play optimally, until you learn what the theoretical determination is and how to play that perfectly, and then any errors in play on your opponent will be apparent and you can capitalize on (theoretically drawn position but opponent messes up and you can now win from it or force a draw faster, for example).


The point by David in the video was that you won't be able to talk with the engine after the game.

It's a good idea. I'm fairly sure that Hangouts is either gone or is going away, with the demise of G+. You might do better to use Skype.

I'm a fan of, and using the 100 Endgames You Must Know by Jesus de la Villa book there. However, a drawback of its setup is that it's just not the same as playing against another human being. Having someone real across the board from you really gets the attention. ;-)

i'd heard engines, and certain engines, were totally bizarre (as in bad) in end games??? idk, actually, as i have little practical experience with engines in end games. at this point, i'm probably going to work on my end game from tarrasch's old book... it seems interesting. oh, and there's captcha!!! i use

I like the idea of training with someone else, if anyone wants to train with me feel free to add me as friend

I recommend the endgame books of Mark Dworetsky and John Nunn.
The advantage in comparison to practice with an engine or a person with comparable level for example is that the books give you human understandable conclusions from the experience of the authors. You would need much more time, to gather even half that experience yourself.
You are also guided to practice the moments of the endgame that require the most knowledge. You save time on trying all the fill moves that don't really matter, while you're not spotting the important moment yourself eventually.