London System

"Developing and controlling the center" is different than "plays d4, Bf4, c3, e3, Bd3, etc." every game.

And again, people can play what they want, I'm not belittling them, the London is perfectly fine, it is just that damn near everyone on here seems to play it 99% of the time. If every single game your opponent played the Bird, nothing but the Bird, for thousands of games in a row, are you honestly telling me it would not annoy you, regardless of your results?

A fair few more of my opponents play e4 than d4 (65%?) and I'd say that about 30-40% of my d4 opponents play the London.

So at maximum, around 14% of my games as Black feature the London. Certainly not "every game", and I doubt it's much different at your level.

@Rrhyddhad : the london system is dull, chess is dull, eating lobster is dull, making love is dull.... when you do it too often ...21.000 plus games in about a year, that is more than 50 games per day.... coming close to torture

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