London System

Actually, he's not trolling. You can take a look at his profile. His game completion rate is atrocious.

london is a win for black idk why your so mad brooooooo

I don't mind people playing what they want, but sometimes it seems like 99% of all players on here play the exact same one opening over and over and it drains all the fun out of chess for me. When you play different opponents each game and 20 in a row all play the London it's infuriating.

I imagine the thought process is this, "There are nearly infinite possibilities in chess...I'm going to just play one of them. Forever."

People are missing my point. I score fairly well against the London. My problem with it is not that it is an amazing opening weapon to which there is no response - my problem is that it is god damn boring, and playing a god damn boring game over and over and over makes me despise both chess and chess players.

Not sure if it's the time controls you're playing at or the skill level of the players you're encountering. I'm a fair bit below you (1500ish range) and tend to play faster games, but looking at my numbers as black, the vast majority of my opponents play e4.

@GordonShimm Imagine being mad at everyone else for your own attitude towards chess. If the London is proven to be an effective way at opening the game, then so be it. Play something interesting, or even better, change your mindset about the whole thing. I can guarantee you that you're gonna be playing against a lot of people that going to want to go with something safe. That's not their fault.

Also I struggle to see how the London could possibly be boring. All white has done is to control the centre and develop - if that's boring, then why play chess?