Logest 1.0 game streak

What's the most 1.0 bullet games you've played in a row? Has anyone ever went into the thousands? And is there a special record of this info or not.

Thx in advance.

i have played 518 games of bullet chess in a day it says on my bullet stats 518 games played in a row xD

@hurryupdude 518 ok that's a lot in a row. My friends tell me I need to get more bullet games in. Depending on what numbers show up, My plan for this weekend maybe Friday, is to play at least 1000 in a sitting. But if someone comes in with somthing spectacular I might try to top it for fun.

I think your friends are trolling you if they say you need to play more bullet games. This is the opposite of getting better at chess.

I encourage you to get this goal. I don't care if you improve, but I hope you have fun.

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