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Hello all,
Really enjoyed my first time playing a marathon earlier today! It is quite a gruelling event and certainly not for the faint-hearted but very fun. I can confirm you don't need to play the full 24 hours to place well. Does anyone know when the next event is planned? Is it always a 3 0 time control?

Every 3 month there is a marathon. (apart from the variants marathon with is every month a different variant)

Time controls are different each time.
3, 3+2, 5+3(sure) and (this one is a guess ) 5 min.

There's also the variant revolutions (with prizes for the top 3) by FischyVishy:

Next up is Chess960 on August 11.

Oh great, thanks for the info! Yeah that's what I suspected, it's difficult to find info about them though. Pity all the other time controls are longer, I prefer the shorter ones for marathons so you don't have to beserk all the time! Hopefully the next date lines up well...
Variants unfortunately not really my thing

there are always 4 in a year

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