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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Lichess is communist?
can you see the sickle?

Yes, but I think it's a conspiracy that the illuminati are trying to create

LOL how did you saw this?

OMG You're a genius!

This is fantastic! Kind of like the arrow in FedEx. Can't unsee it now :)


I see rabbit. Sickle is type of rabbit?

and the head of the rabbit is the hummer!


You are stupid,#1,thibault is genius ,
remember-first thought-

1st-"thibault is always right"
2nd-"If you think that thibault is wrong, look at the first point"

Some thoughts about rabbit and turtle-lol:)

I think that classical rating may be smaller list than rapid but something needs to be improved in terms of clocks, I don't want to see this chess site(service) to be like a pink rabbit

but you must to remember that thibault is creator of this site

Cheers to All from wild part of Europe

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