Lichess games history improvements


First i'd like to congratulate Lichess developers for their awesome work. I think this site has a great future. And I hope that one day i'll be able to store my training material on this site such as my own opening repertoire and other stuff !?

And about improvements, I would like to use advanced filters in my own game history (victories/defeats, game type, openings/variations, opponent rating, number of mistakes/blunders, and so on ...).

Can a lichess webmaster answer to me please ?
For readers, please feel free to add suggestions to this topic

Enjoy !!

Sometimes it's a real pain to find one of your finished Correspondence games, even if you still remember the name of your opponent (because it is buried under dozens of more recent games). I hope this issue is going to be solved soon ...

Thank you Razor. I didn't know this entry.

Btw your trophies are impressive...

I may consider this topic SOLVED, however it would be good to plug these advanced crtieria to the game history screen :)

Our profile page displays huge icons that take up a whole column to the left of our rating graph yet the functionality is nothing more than displaying our rating within each class . I propose that each icon should be a link that can referance games within it's category as to save time searching for a set of games. for example, if you click on the lightning bolt then all your bullet games will be displayed underneath in chronological order. I think this will save time and space and add more functionality to lichess

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