Lichess elo

they are trying to drop your rating to where it belongs sub 1200

@ChessDoofus whether there is more or less at stake totally depends. If you game results fluctuate a lot then your RD will higher and if you are very steady RD will get a tad lower than before. As it should. Ratings are not money you bet on match. They are supposed to as accurate as possible in order to provide good pairing and in case of swiss tournament good seeding of players.

So you do not lose or win points. Estimate of of your strength just gets hopefully better

does anyone know if this change has also limited the rating range of opponents you are paired against? I’ve been as high as 1330, as low as 1059 and currently 1123. I realize I’m not a highly rated player, but before the change I got a lot of matchups against 1300’s and even some 1400. Those were some of my best wins. Since the change it seems like I get nothing, but 1100’s and lower. Anyone else seeing this with respect to their level?

Also, it’s a bummer to have gone 26-18 over the past two days, but only raised my rating by about 40 points. Oh well (1st world problem).

pairing is affected on how many players are seeking. So when playing on non rush hour you can get about 200 point differences. I dont thing there is a limit

Yeah most of the points gains/losses are less than 10 now. It's difficult to gain points.

I have got the same playing strength for >20 years, so you can even lower it. ;)

But seriously: why not? Stable ratings are not the worst.

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