Lichess elo

Has lichess made any recent changes to how elo points are awarded? I'm noticing each win and loss are awarded/ minused far fewer points than before. It seems that way for other players too so I don't think it's just me.

The ratings will be less volatile, in other words gains and losses will be smaller.

It also seems like there was no time factor before and there is now.

what "time factor?"

FWIW really can't stand the change, I know it makes the ratings more precise but there was no issue with lack of rating precision. People's graphs would jump up and down relatively quickly, but that doesn't represent a problem to me at all.

If we didn't play for a long time and then played again, the ratings would change in the same way as it would if we played back to back, in the past, I felt. Now, it seems as though if we play after a long time, ratings fluctuate more.

I don't agree that there was any issue with rating precision before. Ratings are inherently imprecise, and we as the users want to get a decent reward if we win a game against someone much higher. Rating precision shouldn't be the goal, the goal should be the maximization of fun.

You've made the change, so you have to justify it and I'm sure it won't be changed back, but I find it hard to believe people are enjoying things more on this website now that much less is at stake in their games.