Lichess developers can not fix your wifi or make light go faster

I think all of the people that know how to do this are looking for paid work

You're reading it wrongly. If it said "developers *cannot* fix your wifi" that would be a limiting clause. But it says "developers can *not fix* your wifi" that just gives them the right to refuse to fix your wifi.

I often feel that the only people who actually understand lag is us old people that used to chat on IRC on slow dial-up connections back in the day. People seem to think that lag compensation is time added to your opponent like a gift or something. "That other site" has a fairly good description of how it works but no one gets it there either...

Lichess doesn't prevent me from violating the laws of physics, I just choose not to.

Unrelated but funny comic:

@Geniree In bullet, high ping with lag-compensation is an advantage. Even if you have a delay to receive the board update, it doesn't matter, the time to mechanically do a (pre)-move is a major factor, and additional time like this makes all the difference between flagging and being flagged.

№ 6,

  But the game would be longer for _both_ players: you can likewise premove during your lagging opponent’s turn, so you benefit from his extra time as much as he does in that respect. In fact, as your premoves are recognized more readily than his, you can more easily utilize the time for that purpose. Moreover (as you so handily dismissed), the player with less latency sees the most recent state of the board sooner, and can spend those extra seconds pondering that version of it (even if this only means seeing his own last move reflected there). So on the contrary: it’s more advantageous for the player with the faster connection, any way you slice it. (And always will be; but that isn’t his fault, or Lichess’s.)
  Because you are allowed to think, and even move during your opponent’s turn, that extra time works both ways. So the question isn’t which player has an advantage — the player with less lag will always have the advantage, accordingly — the question is merely whether someone with a slow connection has enough time to move, based on that connection. If your time runs out, but his is still going, at least you can premove, while pondering the latest state of the board; whereas he will be frustrated simply trying to make normal moves, and might still see the board’s previous state. And even his premoves might not be recognized in time. Indeed: from his perspective, he is probably spending that extra time waiting for you!
  So with respect, your contention is absurd. I have to agree with № 4: people just don’t understand lag, at all.

Cf. (This fellow doesn’t get it, either.)

@Toadofsky I like that comic, thanks for sharing. I'd probably be the student saying they're in the right class. :D

Funny story my old physics professor actually used lag compensation as a segway into explaining how relativity works.

I do lag alot and the ONLY advantage I have noticed from it is that sometimes my opponent does not realize I am lagging they think Im just moving slow and so will slow down their play speed when I have .1s left thinking they have the win allowing me to move quicker and win on time.

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