Lichess changed the rules ("mating potential")?

Why should have lichess ever followed the USCF rules?
It's not even an Amerikan site.

No draw since the final position in the above game is a forced mate: 63...Kh1 64.Kf2 h2 65.Ng3#.

Black could have trapped himself in front of one of his pawns, technically.

Pawn on h2, black king on h1, white king on f2, knight on g6. I'm not very good at notation but I think that's mate.

W: Kf2 Ng3 B: Kh1 h2
Unlikely but possible
Why would a French site follow USCF rules?

Ok, a bit more explanation: when I started to play here this would have been draw HERE right, because lichess used to follow NOT the FIDE rules. Obviously...

Now it does?

(I remember that this has been discussed permanently. No bad idea though to use the world chess federation rules... ;) )

Mate is possible with king and knight when there are pawns on board. I'm surprised that USCF doesn't recognize this.

I'm happy with FIDE rule on this.

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