Lichess becomes a scrap because of people who plays uncommon openings

It's okay for people to experiment with different types of openings and see which ones they like.
Give an example of a weird opening in a classical game.

People play openings they want, do you think the playing a Ruy Lopez Or a Grüenfeld Defense all the time is fun? Playing another opening is not the end of the world. If you want to play some specific openings tournaments against other user, I suggest to play in a opening tournament like the "Sicilian Opening Tournament."

Well, if you don't like playing uncommon openings then win the games when they occur. If you do not win your opponent will not stop to play it.

Well, its okay to experiment openings

P.S. My english teacher got a cardiac arrest when he saw this (#1 and title)

I hate to be the one that corrects the OP.. but 99%? really??... It's 99.7%. Let's get on that sigma train.

@Player8091 you face problems with uncommon openings? Many times my opponent plays it too, but always focus on general chess principles. Generally a4 or h4 are pointless openings. Most of the opponents play kings pawn, queens pawn and sicilian.

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