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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Lichess Additions (Firefox extension) update: private notes!


I've updated Lichess Additions — an extension for Firefox that I develop. It now includes the ability to annotate individual players with private notes, which will be stored locally on your computer.

The notes dialog will appear in the bottom left corner on Lichess, in the same vain as Lichess' online friends dialog in the bottom right corner. The dialog can be resized and pinned and can automatically pop up at the start of each game, showing the note (if any) about your opponent.

Notes can be added through the context menu (right-click) on players' names and annotated players' names will show a note icon.

Have a look and give it a shot:

I will update the extension's page with screenshots of this new functionality when I get the chance.

I hope you deem it useful. I look forward to your feedback.

I've updated Lichess Additions again, now with the option to give player notes a color as well. This offers the ability to simply create an empty note with merely a color, by which you'll quickly be able to recognize the style of player, for instance.

Next up will probably be the ability to create named colors, for more meaningful color recognition.

Though I am not a Firefox user myself, I commend you for the effort you put into this extension. It looks really well-designed and I am sure many Firefox users will find it helpful!

It's a nice idea, but personally, I would never install anything that could in anyway compromise my lichess game play. No matter how harmless it seems or looks...

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