Lichess 4545 League, Season 20, Week 1 Highlights

This is my first season in the Lichess 4545 League. I really liked the time control and the games that can be played with more time on the clock than usual. Also I want to say that the community is great, chatting in the TV and cheering your opponent during the game.

I took the time to review all the games of Week 1, or Round 1 if you like, and choose some games. To me these were the best games and I analyzed them as usual with instructive purposes.

If you think I missed a game which is highlight of Round 1, please send the link in the chat and I will consider to add it or not after an analysis. If you like it please leave some feedback or give a heart! and look for the Week 2 Highlight!

Pretty cool idea, if you need some help etc I will gladly help. Not sure why you chooses my game, it is pretty boring imho. @Krsto Vs @Lelouch_Vi_Brittania was pretty interesting imho

@Hausierer #2 When I was reviewing the games I found yours pretty interesting, also is instructive in some way, some decisions made in the game and those kind of things, nice conversion into full point as well, very nice game in the end.

@lovlas #3 I'll check your game again for sure! Maybe I missed some games because I reviewed like 100 or something, if it's worth I'll make the analysis and add it to the study!

Thank you for the feedback!

Never heard of this "league", thanks. Just found the link from google for those who might wonder too what this is about:

I suppose you need to wait for the next season to join. How long does it last? And what's Slack?

...Ooh, an old benoni won by black! Used to love this opening.

You can join mid-season, but you will be an alternate, i.e. a team will contact you when they need to replace a player for a game.
One game a week, 8 rounds, so 8 weeks.

Slack is a communication tool, sort of like a pro discord. You'll get invited once your registration is approved.

Done, Lolvas game is now in the highlight! Really enjoyed going though

You can't post in the forums yet. Play some games!