Is it possible that I could be as famous as LeelaChess. Please follow me...I really want to be as famous as LeelaChess lol. You should follow him too.

I dunno man, you need that 3000 rating and maybe some agadmator word to become famous ;)

@xh775. Not knowing who agagmator is would normally suggest you are pretty new to chess (at least online chess).

Anyways, would you and your bot be open to a correspondence game?

I feel as though you may need a more recognizable name to achieve fame. Look at the great John Saxon, for example. That's an easy to remember name. When I think John Saxon, I immediately think "actor who has been in 6.02*10^23 movies and tv shows, including Black Christmas, Tenebre, Mitchell, and Enter the Dragon." It clearly worked out for him better than Carmine Orrico would have.
In summary: try being John Saxon. I, for one, would follow John Saxon on lichess.

serious question: why there are BOT accounts? what's their purpose? are they people testing their engines? can they get paired against normal players?