Learn to play the Caro-Kann Defense!

@king_delicious True, I should make another video to cover the Hillbilly at some point!

2. f4 d5 is probably just going to transpose into a sideline of the classical or the advanced. If white plays 3. e5, black has the idea to play ...Nh6 in the near future even

Yeah I play 3...c5, Bg4, Nh6-f5, with good times... But I like to play 3...c5 in the advanced too.

Hello, Blake! If appropriate why not show the Caro Kann Lichess correspondence game we played recently? It may be too advanced for what you are doing here, though?

@Guitarman159 That isn't a Caro-Kann. The only similarity to a Caro-Kann is the first move c6. Also, it's really obvious that you wanted to brag and try to humiliate the guy by showing that you beat him, which I think is a little bit rude.

Looks like that player got banned for cheating anyways - I suspected as much :).

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c6 ( Caro-kann defense ) variation is very popular .
You need read to book learn all variations & ideas
I read book and I looked chess database caro-kann defense equalize game or unclear position

Best move for white d3 ( white is slightly better example combination created by me no engine move )
( you can find same position at database in 1970 not well known immortal chess match )

Thanks, that's quite instructive, especially if you love playing this solid opening.