Last move with zero time on the clock?

I wonder how it's possible to have made a move if I don't have time available. It is an inconsistency. If I could make a movement I should have time available on the clock, if I don't have time on the clock I should not have been able to make the movement. But never being able to make a move and have zero time.

In I won a game with 0.0 second but I am pretty sure that there is hidden two decimal in clock that their GUI didnt display ( e.g 0.05 sec) but rounded to one decimal.

If you overstep the time limit you lose, pretty sure.

The problem as I see it: different interfaces (App, OS) show different (rounded, truncated) numbers. Some show 0s, some 0.1s, some 0.03s. For me it is not entirely clear. Some games end 0.0s vs. 0.0s - what's the verdict? Btw, lag (compensation) is an issue as well.

PS: look at this game, what has happened finally? At least, I was somewhat lucky. ;) :D

Yes, I understand, it is a problem of tenths of a second (exposed on the clock) against hundredths of a second (hidden). Thanks

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