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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Lag compensation is really unfair in bullet

If you have 4/4 bars and play someone with 3/4 bars it's as if they have +increment per move. I was watching bullet matches in tournament earlier and most of the time the worse connection wins or has huge advantage.

I think we should be able to choose game based on connection... and rule out Brazil because their internet must be powered by soybeans.

Ruling out Brazil is a good idea.

ROFL regarding Brazil's Soybean Internet economy. (We've got the dark web, the green web, and now a Brazil nut or Soybean web.)

As for lag compensation: Get a better Internet connection, or don't play bullet if your Internet connection won't support it. (It's really that simple.) Some people (or, locations) are stuck on 56K or 28.8 or baud modems ... let's just require that the minimum game clock is 5-minutes, as well as relative, connection-adjusted lag compensation. That should make everything "fair."

And then another website will come along and offer bullet and fair lag compensation, and everyone will move over there, as will the people demanding fairness for slower connections... (the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round, the wheels on the bus go round and round, all day long).

@MrCharles I think you misunderstood. it's not fair to the person with the good internet connection since the person with the bad internet gets free bonus time.

Uh, maybe I did misunderstand. I've never head of someone with poor connection having better playing ability. (Probably better for Brazil to power their Internet with nuts instead of soybeans.)

I have a very bad internet connection, and it's always the other way around for me... I keep losing games because of time trouble (even as I've learned to play VERY fast) or because I get disconnected

Seriously watch people with 4 bars vs someone with 3 bars. The 3 bars always seem like they're "faster". It's the internet. I can manually move my laptop out of range to get a 3 bar connection and my rating can go up 200 points from that alone. Also it's very common to hear of people in tournaments complaining about slightly worse connections.

It needs adjusted.

I frequently lose on time in good positions. It might be lag. It's very common to blame lag. Is there a way to report lag and request rating refund? I also wonder if it's possible to report players for lag abuse. First, players deliberately cause their opponent to lag. Second, players receive too much lag compensation, especially when they have no lag.
For some players (like me), the longer the time control, the higher their rating.


The lag abuse hole was closed A LONG TIME AGO. (This has been talked about, at length, before; in other forum posts and threads, in the Q&A, etc.)

Bottom line is it's static and capped.

It's explained, here ...

You can also review the code and history (open-source).

No, you do not get refunds for lag. Lag could have to do with any number of things.

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