😎Kool And The Gang For Pride And Glory 👊

* In acknowledgement to KATG amazing achievement we would like to thanks everyone who contribute in this epic team battle against some of lichess strongest teams and got us in 1st Place !!!

- What makes this achievement extraordinary is that we joined late and we were outnumbered then we created an alert in our team forum then everyone else joined, that really shows the unity and the pride we take fighting uner KATG name !!!

- It was an epic and fierce battle that went to the last seconds on the last game to declare the winner and first place.
we showed exceptional unity and fighting spirit that will goes down in history of KATG ^^

- Thank you again my beloved gang , thank you lichess for creating this awesome feature that bring people together and add a lot more excitement for chess in general and teams in particular. Thank you for all other teams who participate , we met some awesome new people and very strong players in there , it was a real pleasure meeting and challenge you everyone, Till we meet again in another battle dear friends ^^

- Tourney Link.

- KATG is very proud you everyone !

@Stephanie_s_Symphony , @Goke09 , @chessmaster512 , @Augusto1962 , @jonnnyboy2000 , @rookceps , @jg2017 , @earthquakes , @Slothie , @RussianEagle96 , @runtilmorrow , @Artian12 , @Aritrochess , @pzaaa , @Palocz , @sharkema , @clousems , @chess_king3 , @rickrenegade , @masterjo876 , @Wrong-Rabbit .

_______________________ 😎Stay Kool And Keep Up The Good Work Everyone👊 ______________________


I could not join this time,as it was too late time of the day,but i am looking forward to join party some other time!

Sorry I missed this. All kinds of things are getting in the way of my chess these days

I am blind :p :p :p ;P :p.

I guess it is due to all the work i have done.

Guys, I am going to share my final presentation. PLEASE watch it? My actual presentation is on Thursday, but I thought I upload it here for the gang

Congratulations🎉🎊🎉🎊. Katg..... I m sad that I missed this.... As I was sleeping....