John Bartholomew

Hello, for those who know IM John Bartholomew, very popular Chess Youtuber for lots of

extremely resourceful instructional videos...He hasn't uploaded a single video for like 3 wks.

Does anyone know what's up?

Someone asked the same question on reddit and here is his response

Thanks for the interest, guys.

I've been working flat-out in 2019 (and, honestly, pretty much every year since 2011, haha), and with Chessable getting acquired, it felt right to take a brief break from recording/streaming. I've been coaching, playing a bit of OTB chess, traveling (I was in NYC last month for a Chessable event), and spending time with friends and family. I'll be back to content creation in the near future; in the meantime, there's 1,500+ videos on my YouTube channel to hold you over! Watch those undefended pieces ;)

John is a great guy and I'm glad he puts out free content for everyone. I'm sure he'll get some more uploaded when he has free time :)

He is definitely one of the best chess streamers out there. I've came across his yt channel just recently and I learned so much of him ih a short period. I understand he is quite buisy with advancing the chessable project, among other things. But there are really plenty of material to absorb in the meantime :)

JB must be listening ;) There was a new "Using the clock as a weapon" video posted 8 hours ago.

I guess I won't give too many spoilers, but it was interesting, and I'm thankful he uploaded it.

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