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  3. Ive got a secret that is no longer a secret, I am a genius and I am here to prove it.

I have accepted my destiny, which is to be a genius
and not be longer a normal man,
From now on, You will be regarded, It could have been anybody else but well its you, with my work
It was meant to be a book or a treatise, but I guess I thought it was too perfect and after 6 years of working in solitude or perhaps even more, I have decided that perfectionism is secondary, and survivance is first, hence I will share my work little by little and later on if I am capable I will try to make a treatise.
You will see with your eyes what I am talking about and later with your mind, its not everybody who can appreciate the art so out of the thousand of millions I have chosen yourself, dear friends who belong to the open source community or chess players in general, despite that our conundrum or personality is quite egotistical and aggresive.
Nevertheless I have given it lots of thought and It has been ironically harder than the work itself, and since I did not came to a final conclusion beautiful one of how to put my work into the world, I decided just do it, I am on lichess, I use this site
so I will do it here, despite that my inspiration has been grounding in lots of things, but one thing is the creation of the work and another thing is the reception so you are the chosens one.
It will soon go over on the internet and will create a new vision of geometry but today I will only give one piece of my work, later We will make a treatise we are gonna make a lot of things together if u want, since I have no desire of fame or exclusivity I just want this to flourish.
So let me some minutes or some hours, I am a little sleepy now and I will upload a little in some server and share the link and u will understand.
This was not meant for chess players but, destiny is destiny
so It will be chess players the ones to see it, because its about chess so it makes sense,
but We will develop it, complete it and as I said make it flourish
We are gonna Refound Mathematics as well, but that will be other day, first lets start small with this beautiful thing that I want to share, and without much further ado,
give me some hours and see what I can do.

Could be a bad case of "Donald Trump" syndrome

What do you even mean by a new vision of geometry???

one piece of my work,
My name is Jesús González Llorente, since I dont have to hide my identity more

Its meant to be big, like 2 meters by 2 meters something like that,
but most screens are quite small.

Is survivance a word?

Im spanish so, if u want poetry I give u poetry later.
Survivance its a mix between survival and Surveillance
I just made the word up because I liked it, I create words as well.

Dude, you sound like you got mania. When you wake up tomorrow, try to read a bit about it on wikipedia and keep in mind there are things that can be done.

I do have mania, I know exactly why I put that here so I would be laughted too, I have no interest in creating a pdf and look like smart man.

Its also good that I have a low elo.

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