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  3. Its this good sportsmanship?

Repeatedly asking for takebacks as a psychological method of harassing your opponent.

Go into zen mode, or turn off chat. You can disable take backs as well if you like. If you think you miss-click often enough that you're hesitant to turn take backs off just turn on move confirmation. Once I started ignoring the chat box I was able to start learning and playing without distractions again. Zen mode saved my chess career, I was ready to quit this site do to harassment from another player until someone shared this information with me. Hope this helps.

P.S. to answer your question though.... its hard to say what the player intended by their actions. But anything being spammed is enough to break your concentration and at the very least should be deemed very annoying.

Thanks, @Episcopul, to disable takebacks was the first thing (which I did) immediately after creating this account, and, of course, automatically draw claiming on threefold repetition along with some other useful settings, but I don't see any reason to ignore the chat or, as I was saying, not to ask for takebaks or draws more often if it's possible, even if there it's nothing wrong with some particular move. Also, turning on move confirmation may be the best option ever but it looks at least counterproductive, especially when flagging is ones main strategic approach. Thank you anyway and... kind regards!

@AndWeShallHavePeace I'm happy that anything I said was of benefit to you. My goal is to be productive and offer my support to the community when and where I can!

P.S. When playing over the board there is one more option called "j'adoube", unfortunately unavailable online... 😁

@Episcopul, because obviously you are here, as you say, to offer support, may I ask something? Why did Lichess deleted one of my chat conversations without even asking for my approval? It was a private conversation and under no circumstance something to be arbitrary deleted. Is it possible to have that back in my chat box where it belongs? Thank you!

@AndWeShallHavePeace I am not a moderator so I am unfortunately not the person to ask for an answer. But while I am here... If your chat conversation was deemed inappropriate in any way < not an accusation just an IF > then that may be one reason it was deleted. Now, I'm not sure what happens to conversations if you block someone, but it may be that your conversation wasn't deleted just that the other person has blocked you from communicating with them any further, and as such the website no longer provides access to that dialogue.

For the best possible answer, you would have to ask an actual moderator or someone who can speak on behalf of lichess as the only affiliation I have to them is my relationship as a user and player. I, in no way, speak on their behalf.

Forget about it. Have a nice day!

Thank you.

a fost o lovitură? diacon / episcop?