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  3. Is this unsportsmanlike?

Player 1, and Player 2 are playing a game of chess no increment.
Player 1 makes a horrible blunder.
Player 2 capitalizes on this blunder.
Player 1 continues to play in in a resignable position.
Player 1 has less than 10 seconds left, and it is soon mated.
Player 2 says "Good game" before the clock hits 0 or the mate.

Yeah, why would you say "good game" if your opponent just made a horrible blunder.

The game didn't stop at the blunder it's like 20 moves down the road when the last of the defenses are about to be exhausted.

Where I come from, we would call this a "dick move".

I think in the end everyone is free to interpret "Good game".

I often say it after games and I'm sure many times people think it's sarcastic. I just say it when I enjoyed the game, doesn't matter if I won or lost.

You will never find and exact line when it's ok and when not.

I never say good game but I don't take offense when people say it to me after I played like a drunken monkey. I just reply with something like "for whom" or " for you".

The best way to avoid Trolls is to avoid playing all together. :V

"The best way to avoid Trolls is to avoid playing all together. :V" - iTrollLittleBoys 2018

I usually say "good game",if i don't forget. It's like like how you don't speak evil at a funeral. It doesn't mean anything. "good luck" opens a game, "good game" closes it.

I say nothing and leave.... I act like I don't know a single word of english in chats to avoid trolls and insults.

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