Is this considering cheating?

Absolutely cheating.

Cheating is not defined by what your intentions were. It's not a moral question. Such a pardigm would not be uniform and cant be enforced. Rules exist and you broke one of them. You cheated.

Yeah doesn't seem there's any room for controversy here.

If you know for certain it's a drawn position, that impacts how you play and gives you an advantage, it being a drawn position doesn't mean it will end in a draw and the knowledge of how the computer would play it makes you less likely to blunder.

#4 As I suggested in another thread:
"It is impossible to have a constructive discussion about cheating without discussing rules."

To this end I agree with #2 and #3, and with #4's assertion that this isn't controversial. By definition, cheating is cheating:

I hope your intention was not in convincing me in that it's not controversial. If you read those thread (link I sent), you will see, that I actually agree with #2, #3 and with you.
I used the word "controversial" not because I consider it controversial, but because people' opinions in that thread were 50/50. One half thinks it's cheating, another half thinks it's not cheating. And I personally am convinced that it is cheating.

I just want to point this out to prevent thinking about me as of someone, who made a statement, and was refuted for a wrong opinion.

So, yes, I also believe it's cheating. You can see it, if you will read my comments in that thread.

Thank you for confirmation of my opinion.

And, by the way, for those who didn't read that thread and think that pronouns "you" are directed towards me, no. It's not me who cheated that way. I only wanted to confirm my opinion. :)


Yeah I understood that, if my post seemed to imply that you were the one guilty of cheating then it was not intentional. :)

This is just a general remark, I am sorry for possible offtopic.
I think the Lichess definition of 'cheating' badly needs a revision. Because the defintion taken from says
"In the context of the rules on Lichess, the general definition of "cheating" is when players use means other than their own chess intellect to win rated games or otherwise boost their ratings."
According to this definition, most chess players are cheaters because they use engines to prepare for their games. Definitely, the goal of preparation is to 'boost the rating, and their engines are 'means other than their own chess intellect'.

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