is this cheating?

suppose gm andrew tang makes simul where he don't start all games with white or black, but randomly whatever color he gets for game 1, game 2, etc.

he's white on game 1 and starts w 1) e4

player from game 2 sees this and starts w 1) e4 against andrew since andrew's playing with black on that game.

now andrew responds w 1.. e5 on game 2. game 1 player sees this and responds w 1.. e5 to andrew's 1)e4.

and this pattern repeats over and over and over again. basically, andrew's playing against himself on both game 1 and game 2. i know this in unethical and wouldn't ever do it actually, and don't see point in doing that, i just want to know whether or not lichess officially flags one as cheater for doing this?

1. e4 is too strong, please nerf. state that I'm not going to tell admins what is or isn't cheating:
These are just some suggestions of what we would consider against the spirit of playing fairly in our community. This list is non-exhaustive and doesn’t detail all activity we can or will take action against. The final word is always with the administrators, and penalties will be applied at the administrators’ discretion.

This is known as mirror games. The ICCF forbids that, and they allow a lot: engine use, books use, human advice...

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