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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Is there a way to have chat deactivated?

Is there a way to have chat deactivated? I mean like by default. I don't want to turn it off every game I play.

Weird, I turned it off only once and since then it is disabled by default in every game.

hmmm, thanks for your response. I actually discovered zen mode shortly after this which did the trick fine

You can turn on Kid Mode from your account, which will prevent any verbal interaction with other people. Plus, you get a smiley face on the homepage!

This has been asked for, repeatedly. This observation over a year and a half to two years. It's not a priority, and the devs don't care.

Tournament chat is also screwed-up. (You can disable in the main tournament lobby, but, as soon as a game starts, you see the chat. You have to flip to the standings tab, which sill has movement during your game.)

For that matter, I just tried "Kid Mode" for the first time, and it sucks (balls). I understand the (all-or-nothing) considerations behind it, but, "isolating" kids from interacting -- especially in today's world (with the way things are going) -- I don't think is a good idea.

Thus, the solution is simply "Zen mode."

It's too bad that basic things like this are chalked-up-to a shrug of the shoulders, and/or a "we don't care" remark, and the all-or-nothing attitude. (But, hey, what can you do. This is the price of development, certain things get locked-in and are too time-consuming to fix later.)

Sorry about that last post, but, I'm going to let it stand. (I stand by my words. It's a sorry state of affairs that disabling chat via settings, or dealing with the tournament chat issue has to go on as long as it has.)

@MrCharles I think kid mode is perfectly fine. I don't have to worry about trolls and people insulting you after winning a game.