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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Is there a link to the world championship games on lichess?

I want to run the eval while watching the match. Thanks!

Here on lichess go to Watch and the Broadcasts (beta)
Then click on the WC match.
There is also a stream by ChessNetwork if you are interested.
Have fun!

Hey! There's also a stream being run by

Thanks! I want to see the engine eval as they're playing, none of those streams offer that.

Sorry, I see the Vcym option does, thanks!! :)

Me again!

Anyone have a youtube link to a live video feed of the players for game 3 of the chess world championship?


This has evaluation too... seems OK.

Don't know if time-delayed. I do know that much is behind a paywall, even the press conferences, also that part of the prize money depends upon the paying cq subscribing public.

The dual GM commentary is pretty OK, engine evaluations on full display too. WC games defy engine analysis though and even a 100 GM's won't be able to fully predict the moves being made. Many moves will be predicted correctly, but as-in most WC matches quite a few will not be accurately anticipated at all.

Thanks all - those links have commentary and the game, but not the live video feed of the players. Maybe FIDE has successfully stopped anyone from using that feed?