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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Is there a chess game on windows or android that allows you to choose strategy ai plays

Is there a chess game on windows or android that allows you to choose the strategy that the ai plays? i'm going over certain youtube videos that explain how to play against certain strategies, but it's too much to remember without practice, and human players hardly ever play the strategy you want to practice against. So does anyone know of any such program?

It's possible to practice a particular opening against the AI just here, on
>Go to Tools
>Board editor
>Set up a position or choose the starting position of the opening you'd like to practice
>Click on "continue from here"
>Then "play with the machine"
> And finally choose the time control and the A.I. level.

If I remember well, chessmaster serie offer that kind of possibility.
you can play against different IA profile : this one prefer bishop more than knights, this other one allways try to save his queen instead of trading it, etc. etc. I saw that on chessmaster 9000 especially, in 2003. But I'm quite sure the last chessmaster provides it too.

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