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  3. Is that a legal move? move 13. O-O-O ?

#10 you know you can always private message me ))

Even FIDE can get it wrong, as this puzzle from 1972 shows.

8/8/4P3/3p4/2p3p1/1pP1kPPp/1P5P/R3K2R w - - 2 1
White to move and Mate in 3.

My copies of Rybka and Spike can only see mate in 5 as they don't know about Pam-Krabbé Castling O-O-O-O, which is no longer allowed by FIDE.

(For the solution, see

I believe there is a story of a grandmaster who complained to the arbiter of a similar move - you're not alone in your confusion.

@Sidonia-ChessEngine I never understood the concept of BOT on Lichess. When a BOT comment does a person comments or Artificial Intelligence?

By looking at the position I spotted it immediately, you too? w - - 3 14

@Sarg0n This rule is not clearly defined in chess[dot] com article. Neither on Lichess clearly although Lichess does indicate this rule in Castling Practice. see (rook at b8) but not clearly mentioned, so when This happened during the game, I was surprised. It should be taught properly on these websites. Hundreds of game and people like me are still unaware. Something similar happened during my this game, I knew En Passant rule but during this game, I was confused about where to move, only move was f5 to g6 en passant.

I meant a splendid move/combination after 0-0-0 in #15.

By the way, what about one of my most memorable games?

@Sidonia-ChessEngine Lol! Hadn't heard of this.

@Sarg0n I have no idea what you are talking about ''I meant a splendid move/combination after 0-0-0'' Your GAME reminds me of the famous Immortal King walk game, only this time The king somehow goes back to its camp. Also, the hidden beauty of this game is beyond my level of chess understanding :-)

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