Is talking a few words about the game so terrible?

Whenever i suggest some better move after a game my opponents run.


i suggest the win 69 Rb4 to my opponent, but before i can write why (restrict my king, idea on f6 Rb6-f6) my opp has gone. This is a general behavior on lichess and it is sad. In OTB chess it is very common to at least analyze a bit after the game.

Im not an excessive analyzer, and i am not doing it after every game, but if i say something, hey, one or two minutes communication about what just happened, is that really so annoying to you? I am also listening if my opponent suggests a better move after he game. I wish people would listen a bit more here on lichess.

Have a nice day.

for some players to analyze is boring.
for example I dont like analyze with someone if I have speak in english

maybe you should ask first either he want to analyze the game together.. if he doesnt, dont bother..

In the timed games I just click to next game after it finishes, but in longer timed games (classical) I try to talk if a blunder is done, and also at the end game.

The game you linked is a bullet game - most people don't bother analyzing their blitz games, let alone bullet. If you play longer time controls, you'll probably find more people willing to discuss the game with you afterwards.

Yeah, I think you're reading too much into the behavior of your opponents.

When I'm finished with a game I almost never just sit at that game for a while.

Instead, I either start a new game, go straight back to the lobby to look at posts, or go to a new window to continue reading some article or another.

I highly doubt that your opponents are seeing your suggestion, taking offense, and then leaving because of that.

Most likely they just don't stick around after games, period, no matter what their opponent says :)

Well, let me put it that way: Most players are male. When the mammooth has been brought down there's simply nothing more to say. ;)

I often mention something about a game if it's interesting. It might be something my opponent missed, a blunder, or a missed checkmate. It can be my error, their error or just an interesting observation.

But I almost always send my opponent a message, and not a chat message connected to the game.

I like the exchange if I get a response. And I welcome the comradery.

It seems your opponent language was "русский язык" and only 5.5% of Russians speak English.
And globally there is at most only 1.5 billion speakers of English (native or 2nd language) .
That leaves 5.5 billion who do not speak English at all (around 80% of the world population).

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