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  3. Is rapid chess better to play better?!

I find this discussion interesting because it's what's been repeated every time, and I had it as well since I'm a beginner too.

But I think the question is wrong: what do you mean "play better"?

For me personally, it's clear that I'm much better at slower time controls, but I have much more fun at bullet, so I play that. On one side, I obviously see less things, but I also care less if I lose and I care less also if I win (I feel it's anyway good). And I can have many more games a day: I can squeeze in single games even in time slots where I could not play a full 20 minutes rapid game.

Moreover, I don't believe there are actual studies that link how bad you can play at bullet with how bad you can play at slower time controls, they are definitely different games. It seems that's spread knowledge that you get worst by playing fast but there's no actual evidence. Actually, Carlsen himself comes here to win bullet tournaments and I don't see him getting blundery at classical time controls. I guess top players have fun too.

Still more: even if I got 500 points better at bullet, since you pretty much play similar strength opponents, a typical bullet session I guess would be pretty much the same to what I have now: half won and half lost.

So the real question is: what do you come here for? If it is to get better at rapid, then definitely play rapid and study games. If it's to have fun for a little time, then play what you mostly have fun with, be it rapid, classic, correspondence or any of the variations.

I do enjoy a well played slower time control game (I just discovered correspondence), but it's a frenzy world...


I mean better for real rating, OTB rating...
i also enjoy bullet and i think bullet has it's own huge advantages, it gives you more confidence, because you are playing so many different openings.

I personally find every time control (except hyper and ultra) to be useful for OTB chess. I think it is good to play training games in rapid, blitz and bullet, not just one time control all the time. It is good for brain to adjust to different speeds. There might be moments in OTB classical where you will need to show some speed also. Even it is classical time control, but time runs out quickly in the middlegame :)

I would wonder why the best games of the world's best grandmasters take place in the longest time control.
Carlsen and Caruana do not take so much time because they have nothing else to do or because they can not calculate well.
For a thinking process to be carried out at the highest level, one should first omit all restrictions (no time stress).

Bullet actually helped me a lot, there was games when my opponent had a 3-4 minutes and i had only 1 minute or less, but i just turned off my slow thinking and turned on my fast bullet thinking, i just did normal moves and at the end of the game, my opponent ran out of time, so it really helps to be able to play quickly, but i think i just reached my fast playing limits...

Also, i want to play otb, but i can't because in my country(not sweden) at my level 1500-1700 fide, only little kids are playing, so i feel little bit weird, playing with them... sometimes when they lose, they cry, so i can not win to a kids like that :D i need to improve my game and then go and play otb to play at least teens :D

@KingThisPawn for sure the more time you have the higher level the games become. But you still get under time stress, as even in WC they get often very close to not make it to the 40 moves time check.

And for sure very fast games are infested with ridiculous moves and from the point of view of "classic" chess they mean very little. They must be though as different games though.

But the OP wanted to know if rapid chess was a better training tool to improve his game. Since he then stated that he wanted to improve his OTB games, then I'd say yes, rapid will be more similar to his OTB games than a bullet game.

The longer the time control, the better, in my view. Rapid & long blitz help with getting a bunch of reasonably high quality games quickly.