Is Pedro Frazão connected with lichess?

This person runs the(?) Facebook lichess page, does he have any authority on this site (mod/developer/etc)? And, if not, is that page monitored by lichess?

Hmm, a bit more searching, looks like it's a closed group. But, he is the only visible moderator, and the name is "". I'm thinking that I'm answering my own question. lol

I have a Lichess account since 2013. At the beginning lichess ask for help from the users. Ask for people that know about programming or people to promote the site. I dont know anything about programming, so my contribute was to create a chess group to the users of Facebook and promote the site.

Why did you decide to use the name Scala? It may be intentional but a great deal of this site is written in the Scala programming language!

I use the name Scala in chess since around 2002. I play a lot with that nick in, unfortunately deleted my accounts from that period. I have account in with that nick since 2008 . I have account here since 2013 and yes its Scala
I decide to keep that nick in chess sites.

I use the chess nick before language Scala was born :)

This is the story about my chess nick

I live in a town called Santarém which is a town from the roman period. Santarém in that period was called "Scalabys" and I remove the “bys” words from “Scalabys” and "Scala" appear. So my nickname is in honor of my hometown, Santarém.

Now, There are many things called Scala in Santarem.

And yes, sometimes people ask me if I know programming or if I am one chess engine :)

I left the facebook page, I don't believe it is a good representation of this site.

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