Is my chess improving?

Well I looked at your profile and I'm sorry to say I can't answer your question. Not one classic game , the way chess should be played imo . You don't know how you're doing cause you're not playing chess in the original way. And that's my ten pence worth. Play classic if you want to know how it's going. Yours sincerely SOJB
To know if you're improving tell us if your rating went up overtime, that easy!

And yes we're both above lichess average alléluia!

You're probably a bit below average OTB tho but who cares about that old stuff anyway?
It's likely that your chess is improving...hard to say for sure. For me chess improvement is years of bouncing around... up 50 points, down 50 points and then I'll have a good stretch and go up 100 points and then back to years of bouncing around... up 50 points, down 50 points. ( if that makes sense )
@ChessIsLife2500 said in #1:
> Do you guys think that I am improving at chess, and am I above average?

Not sure why you're asking us this, since it's easy enough to answer yourself. Look at your graphs...and then look at the percentile figures for each time control.
@ChessIsLife2500 said in #9:
> What if I don't have the time to play classical?
Then slow down. Slow life down.instead of playing 20 fast games play 1 longer time control . take time to think before you move,react
My rapid rating 1400s
My classic rating 1600
My correspondence rating 1700s

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