Is learning messing me up

I have seen golfers who have a are getting better and better and then they take a course, coaching, clinic to make them even better, but now every time they swing a club, they have all these things going through their minds, feet, grip, this, that and now they play terrible.

I am wondering if I am at that point in chess: I started learning last Summer and am kinda happy with my progress, but I am finding the more books I read, the more openings I look at, more tactics that I learn, the more chess 'learning', the more my head is buzzing during a game. Develop pieces, control the centre, not too many pawn moves in the opening, no flank attack unless centre is solid, castle early, look for pawn breaks, dont compromise your pawn chain, avoid double pawns, avoid isolated pawns, block passed pawns, watch for pawn islands, fianchetto, don't fianchetto etc etc and it is screwing up my game.

Any advice from those have experienced this ?

Do I keep doing what I'm doing, knowing that some day it will all fall into place, or ?

By screwing up my game: I get confused between all the do's and dont's and miss moves for and against me that I 'might' have seen if my head was clearer and not buzzing with chess learning.

Hope this makes sense.


Are you me?

Every time I make an effort to learn something new my rating goes down--my blitz graph looks like an electrocardiogram trace. It takes time to process all the information and incorporate it into our thought process. My advice (take it for what is worth) is to go slowly and assimilate small chunks of information at a time, and just play out the bad streaks. Usually you reach a point where it all suddenly makes sense and it starts reflecting on your play. Be mindful about these ups and downs and don't get frustrated when you hit a bad streak--it usually means that you are learning something new. Also be aware that new, more complex concepts about the game don't take precedence over the basics (tactics, opening principles and such).

Good luck :)

A coach can greatly help you there, but aligning you on the right path and optimizing the time you do spend on studying to be the most beneficial to your chess.

That makes the two of us... :-) @ubique29 I had four-figure rating until i finished reading my first chess book! Now am not sure whether i should read another one, or just play countless games & puzzles until the ratings normalize!!

It’s normal to take a step back before taking two steps forward. A new opening or strategy takes time until you can do it properly, you will take some falls, so what? It’s kinda like saying we shouldn’t have new technology because it breaks down when it’s new. Don’t worry. Focus on tactics and some respected general book.

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