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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Is Ivanchuk finally going to take it all?

It looks like Chuckie might finally obtain what's eluded him for so long. I've wanted to see Magnus taken off his throne for a while. I was hoping Naka would be the one to do it, but Ivanchuk has been working toward this for so long.

Don't put any pression on my Chucky !
We love him the way he is, regardless of those titles :-)

Pression is unpleasant to Ivanchuk, just like a double attack !

Hope he does. So what happened to Carlsen? What is this World Cup? Is it like the World Championship Lite?

Carlsen got eliminated in round 3.
The winner and the runner up of the World Cup get a money prize and also a spot in the 8 player double round Candidates Tournament at Berlin, the winner of which plays Carlsen for the World Championship.

@tpr every player get a money prize :-)

Did you guys know that Chucky refused the draw in the second game against Giri ? :-)
I love this guy !

Oh no. Chucky's out. He resigned on move 24.

He could win the second game of the match, right @DavyKOTWF ?

I thought it was single elimination and you're gone.
You're probably right. I'm just barely following it.

Chucky out after drawing second game to Aronian ...

I'm so sad :-(

Rooting for Aronian and So. I was for them and Ivanchuck, but oh, well.