Is it REALLY cheating?

no discussion needed. Cheaters gets banned. simple as that.

@RegisterMeAlready "Is it REALLY cheating?"

Yes, it really is cheating. Any other questions we can help you with? Maybe: Is pissing on the side of a building REALLY public urination?

@RegisterMeAlready There definitely IS a difference between playing real humans, cheaters or machines. That you don't accept.
Which is a logical contradiction, because if it was all the same, you should agree that all cheaters could play against machines and leave the non-cheating humans alone.

And, like others said, if you are cheating, you are betraying your opponents of a fair game. Regardless of the intention of the cheater, cheating is cheating.

Maybe there should be a chess site or a special game mode for people who want to "play with assistance."
Would cheaters or "improvers of your style" like to play there?

I assume they would not like to play there.
So, if you are not trolling, "improvers of your style" intention seems to be not to improve, ** but to improve by betraying real humans. **

That is not fine.

@RegisterMeAlready I believe the most you could do that wouldn't qualify as cheating is having a spare board to check your calculations, as that is still you that is the person who the move belongs to. The moment that you wouldn't be able to play that move OTB is cheating imo.

Since cheating is the easy way out (and non beneficial to personal growth) it may not occur to the OP.. or anyone really.. that others had thought about this subject for a very long time.

In case you don't have the time or inclination to do any research on cheating.. here's an article that pools the great minds and theories together for you in a cliffs notes version:

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