Is it REALLY cheating?

I hadn't actually checked to see if you're flagged because it's irrelevant.

All I am saying is this: if you are cheating, that should count as cheating. I seriously don't get how you don't understand this.

It's cheating because it's against the rules. If, for some reason, there was a rule against using a phrasebook in a foreign country, then that would be cheating too. You wouldn't use a kickboard when competing against someone while swimming, even if it was a casual competition. You use a kickboard OUTSIDE of the competition to train while not competing against anyone. This is like using an engine to analyse your games after playing them. You use the tool to improve OUTSIDE of competing with people.

You really said it well. I think I generally agree with the points you made, with one caveat. Some people WILL come here with the mindset of cheating.The place may not be real, but the character in those people is as real as it gets, and they would do it anyhow. So I argue that their actions could be accurately described as cheating.

@ahotbanana Oh. I didn't realise that this was a *competition* ! What can I win? :)

@RegisterMeAlready I think I agree. I'm fine with using the word "cheat" because it's a convenient shorthand, it's just the way some people get moralistically worked up about it that I find perverse.

I can't believe I need to explain this, but cheating is wrong for the simple reason that you're depriving your opponent of a fair game. The primary appeal of a game like chess is that it's an even playing field - one mind against another, with no factors outside your control. You're wasting your opponent's time, and pissing them off.

Your arguments for cheating are pretty stupid.

1) "You can choose settings to give you an advantage, so why can't I use an engine to give me an advantage?" Because accepting a seek with custom settings is voluntary. Both players know exactly what they're signing up for. When you use an engine, you are applying "custom settings" without your opponent's consent.

2) "It helps me learn openings and get better" It's debatable if playing computer moves actually helps you improve. I would argue it's not a useful way to improve because you're not really understanding the moves that the computer recommends. Regardless, why should your desire to improve trump your opponent's desire for a fair game? Seems pretty self-centered to me.

3) "Why should others get away with minor cheating but not me?" You basically answered your own question. Second player assistance is harder to detect than engine use. Just because they don't get caught as often, it doesn't make it acceptable.

Stop cheating. Thx.

Yes, it's really cheating. Stop trying to rationalize cheating. You broke the terms of service and you were flagged. The only thing worse than cheaters is cheaters trying to justify cheating.

@RegisterMeAlready Could one say, that you make your opponents *work* for you as your trainer or sparrings partner, without paying them, without asking them, even without informing them?


It is playing and training for me, and playing (and/or training) for them. I'm actually handicapped by playing openings I'm still learning, or choosing lines that I may not be able to calculate to the end, avoiding practical decisions or practical time allocation, etc.