Is it Possible to Lose a Title?

Can GMs, IMs, NMs, FMs, CMs (and all the W titles) lose their title if they play poorly? Or are titles 'for life'?

Also, I think Magnus' profile should have WCC instead of GM.

Titles are for life. Dunno if FIDE laws have cancellation for gross misconduct, but i dont think so.

yes i'm pretty sure they can, if they cheat at a tournament by using an engine or similar.

Of course you can lose it, ask those cheating fellows... And if you upgrade you lose the old one. :D

Actually I think if you gonna pay you can get everything.

Gaioz Nigalidze is a relatively recent example that comes to my mind of a GM title being revoked by FIDE (for cheating in a tournament).

Titles can not be lost by falling beneath a certain Elo rating or generally decline of skill (for instance in old age).

Now, after Rausis' ban is over, could he theoretically earn his GM title again?

Ban is over means it is over. So he would need to get those norms again. Peak elo he has already. So yes in principle he could

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