Is it bad sportsmanship?

When you are a low rated players playing others with similar ratings and you are losing, is it bad sportsmanship to keep playing and refusing to resign because you know you can possibly win on time or draw with stalemate just because they have a hard time Checkmating.

If i was playing a player who i knew could CM then i would resign, but i make players at my level them for it in hope of a win (time out) or a draw Stalemate.

I can see this sounds bad but in the long run it will teach them CM strategy and help me to defend.

So is hoping they mess up and blunder a stalemate bad sportsmanship?

Thank you.

I usually argument, that I want to learn, how my opponent converts the advantage. I'snt there a saying: "Nobody ever won a game by resigning"?

I once played a OTB-game (2h 40 + 1h Rest, no increment) against a 2070 player with him being up 2 connected outside passed pawns (a/b vs. a/c/g/h) in a double bishop ending (BB vs BB).
He didnt win :-)

Game is here, Chapter 2

overlooked 28...g6 - loosing the 2nd pawn. That's were the real fun starts!

I don't think it's poor sportsmanship to play on in a lost position but I also don't think it's poor sportsmanship for the winning player in that position to play nonsensical moves to prolong the agony for the loser, which I have done myself as the winning player and had done to me as the losing player.

If your opponent starts playing nonsensical moves and is toying with you in a winning position, it's time to resign with some of your dignity still intact.

so long you have a chance to win, even a tiny one, you MUST keep on playing.Titled players play until their position is dead lost or lead to a forced mate so i don't see why ''lesser'' players should not be allowed to do so too.

Bad sportsmanship is about letting your clock run for a very long time when the position don't call for it or being insulting or spamming draw requests etc...

listen to winston he is the world's leading expert on beating patzers, losing to patzers and being a patzer becoming a patzer and staying a patzer..he also will never give up a lost game he will wear you down to a stalemate through sheer boredom and his views carry weight!

Well at least you have not encountered the players who let the time run to 1 sec before checkmating. THAT I do not understand, you are winning and still torture the opponent

i can only see the positive aspects

♘ the opponent does not see the mate?
>> #freepuzzle

♘ the opponent does not want to confront his mistakes?
>> i give him time to reflect and learn

♘ the opponent thinks he can win on time?
>> i give him a better feeling of time

♘ the opponent is tortured?
>> each player can forfeit or leave freely

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