is Ding the only player that is stronger than Magnus

Ding at 26 years old has a greater legacy though than Magnus at 26 at least



Seeing as how Magnus has been World Chess Champion since 2013 and he's currently 28 years old, I don't think you have much of an argument.


In arm wrestling I would put my money on Magnus as well.

LOL this is a funny post.

Is Ding the current champ? Has he beaten Magnus repeatedly? Won any tourneys that Magnus has been in?

We all agree Ding is up there with the best (lets say top 8 to be fair) but BETTER than Magnus?!?!

Please let me Venmo you, and you can send me whatever drugs are smoking, sniffy or otherwise ingesting

Loool, Dink is much stronker than Magnus. Football.

Would like to see WCH match between them.
#17 Lol be patient, he might eventually. Not a big fan of him, just saying that he might.