is Ding the only player that is stronger than Magnus

Maybe you meant to ask the reverse.

I'm not exactly sure why, but Ding is my current favorite player. As a Ding fan, be real. Magnus is stronger than everybody.

I once beat Magnus over a board and he had to stay in a hospital for 2 weeks and I made some 6 years of prison :)
Only Nepomiatchi is having a positive score against Magnus.

@newagear I remember watching that live on StLChessClub's YouTube. Jovanka started to say something about calling the police but Yasser talked right over her and was like, "Okayy... let's see how this turns out..." and smiled like a mannequin.

Ding Liren is a great player. But if you will recall, just days ago he lost to Magnus with the white pieces in one of his favourite openings, the Catalan. That's no easy feat. Especially considering that the Catalan is not at all an easy opening to navigate.