Is chess rassist? Ist schach rassischtisch?

Is chess rassistic? Always white begin. Black figures matters!

Ist schach rassistisch weil immer weiss anfeangt?

no, how the hell could it be racist

I agree. For chess to stop being racist, black has to go first sometimes too

Musk, are you suggesting being "White" in chess holds no advantage?

It used to be red and green.
In the time of Adolf Anderssen sometimes black played first.

chess is chess. stop ruining it by calling it racist or some shit.


It shows that it is infact you, who is racist. It originated in India, so the game itself has no roots in slavery or the like. Honestly, just leave the sport alone. No black dudes are being oppressed by a bunch of chess pieces. It isnt chess, but your own mentality towards life that needs to be corrected. Either you are genuinely deluded, or just want to start some sort of war in the chess community. Either way, stop it.

I think peterpanda is joking. If hes not than something is wrong.