Is chess a sport

@bunyip That too... could also be a Nancy boy. I noticed that gambling was listed as a mind sport also [#48] :] and sport are kind of interchangeable in a narrow context..but mind-games is the usual term.

@schnimnja That answers the question. Chess is a mind sport. Thanks!

"Besides these prestigious competitions, there are thousands of other chess tournaments, matches, and festivals held around the world every year catering to players of all levels. Chess is promoted as a "mind sport" by the Mind Sports Organisation, alongside other mental-skill games such as contract bridge, Go, and Scrabble."


@Toscani in definition of sports there is fans and spectators. Football game between two teams with no-one except couches watching is still a sport

A sport needs fans and spectators. With out them, that sport would not be famous.
It would have people saying that's not really a sport or they will say it's a waste of time. It needs more action. It has to be more physical. Some might say ... Play faster, faster , faster .... speed it up. It's too slow to be a sport.

It is the spectators that want to see more of that sport. The demand for more.
A sport without people willing to watch it, is not much of a sport.

@Toscani / #56

so according to your argument, the final game of the world championship in soccer (or any other well established form of "sport") would immediately cease to be "sport", just if everyone runs out of the stadium and the last TV spectator switches his receiving device off, while all players and referees keep playing the match?

Do you have another word for the occurred situation then, other then "sport"?

Be a sport and try to understand that leaving in the middle of an event, does not change the sport, but I think it will affect the moral of the players, especially if everyone got up and left. If nobody shows up for a sports match, what do you think would happen to that sporting event. I think, over time, players would lose interest. That sport would in a sense be history.

Look at the following and get surprised on how many are called sports.

Sports that are no longer in the Olympics ... are those sports no longer considered sports or are they just discontinued?

More BS... Running for two hours every day in the privacy of their home is not a sport just because it's not a competition and no one knows? BS... 50% of the sports are not even ment to have competitions, like Yoga, Tai Chi and slow walks. Over 99% Of the people that practice martial arts will never participate on any competition. That percentage goes up tp 99.9% for adult women that practice boxing. Dancing is considered a sport by many people, even the very best one. Do we have at least 1% of all dancers participating in competitions? I don't think so.